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Yoga studios are a dime a dozen. What does one studio really offer over another? This is a question that we are constantly challenging ourselves to answer - how Flow Yoga sets itself apart.

We knew before we even started we wanted to make yoga more accessible to everyone. This means creating an environment that was purposefully casual, non-intimidating, open, and inviting.

We want our space to foster a sense of community, in which visits to the studio will build personal relationships with teachers and between students. We are dedicated to helping students grow, learn, and develop their own personal yoga journey. When you come in to Flow, we know you, we've sweat with you, we’ve cried and laughed with you. It’s not about volume and number of accounts, it’s about connecting.

If you want to sweat, do some acrobatic yoga, we've got you covered. If you want something new like wheel yoga or Harry Potter yoga, we've got that too. Or if you just need to take it slow, want to ease off some pain and stress, are trying yoga out for the first time, we’re here for you. This is why in our classes you'll see bodies of all shapes, age, and gender ID.