FREE in person- Guru Ram Das Sadhana Celebration at Westgate

About the workshop

Every Fall we have the blessing of celebrating Guru Ram Das Ji's birthday. Known as the Lord of Miracles, Guru Ram Das embodied humility, service, and deep devotion. We look to Guru Ram Das for guidance, healing, and protection. For many years our community has practiced a special sadhana (spiritual practice) in celebration of Guru Ram Das's birthday.
Friday 10/09 @Flow Yoga Westgate IN PERSON ONLY
cost: FREE 
start at 4:30am Japji, quick warm up and 2 1/2 dhan dhan live and audio music also known as the (miracle mantra) opening the heart center calling upon the power of Guru Ram das the Lord of miracles
Friday Oct 9, 2020 - Oct 9, 2020 04:30 am - 07:30 am

at Westgate