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About the workshop

Renew & Rewire — perception is powerful, and whether you realize it or not, it’s the lens you see, act and interpret life through.
Scott Hilburn is leading a special workshop, in-person and online, to guide you through unwinding current perceptions and reaffirming our full potential going forward.
Our minds are imprinted with experiences, patterns and judgements that impact how we see the world and ourselves. This conditioning affects how we think, show up, hide away… and how we achieve our greatest goals and desires.
In this workshop, Scott will lead us through various exercises to help us recondition our minds to embody what we desire.
This workshop will include:
1. Kundalini Meditation to tap into our highest self
2. Journaling with prompts for Clarity, Insight & Self Discovery
3. Practicing Self-Hypnosis & Re-Programming techniques
4. Exploring next level affirmations to teach ourselves how to achieve & maintain an upbeat state of mind
5. Gong & Sound Bath for Relaxation & Integration
6. Rebirthing Technique to Rebirth the Self into the new desire to be more free
Please bring a journal, pen, water bottle.
Saturday Mar 13, 2021 - Mar 13, 2021 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

at Online

Scott Hilburn

Scott Hilburn is a Personal Growth & Spiritual Teacher utilizing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation breathwork, reconditioning the mind with intention, embodied metaphysics and intuitive knowledge to rapidly create major shifts in consciousness and connection with the Divine. He has taught many classes on mindset and leads retreats to help people experience major shifts in consciousness to open and align more with their potential in life. Scott studied at School of Metaphysics for mindset mastery for 6 years, earning 3 degrees and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with several other trainings.

With over a decade of immersive study and teaching, Scott’s passion is to aid others to become free of old patterns and conditioning, to be truly authentic and live life with an awareness of one's purpose and mission, while in connection with Divine Consciousness. Scott is a full time teacher and leader of Retreats, Workshops, and Private Coaching offering Kundalini Yoga, Divine Masculine Immersions, Couples Work, and Akashic Reading Integration Spiritual Work for anyone wanting to Elevate and Connect with their Highest Self.

The intention for all of Scotts offerings is to be an instrument of Divine and to allow a space for people to elevate, heal, find love, power, freedom and wisdom and who they truly are, right here, right now within.