Authentic Relating at Westgate

About the workshop

Authentic Relationships: Being You in Your Own Skin
You may have heard of the Hunger Games… but what about the Authentic Relating Games?
Join Major Tom, an intimacy coach, for a 2-hour journey of stepping out of your shell, healing your relationship with yourself, learning to be comfortable in your own skin and then taking your best, most authentic being to connect with others.
The Authentic Relating Games, put simply, are a place to practice being human. Throughout the themed session, you’ll be led by experienced facilitators in playing “games” — experimental exercises designed to deepen your connection with yourself and the other participants, in an environment where it’s safe to express how you really feel.
What kinds of experiences are waiting for you at the games? This is an opportunity to:
Expand your friend circle
Learn something about yourself
Explore the human experience
Have the courage to reveal something about yourself
Have the compassion to hold space for another as they reveal themselves
Feel and express lots of JOY!
Your facilitator is skilled at organizing game sessions to suit whatever context and goals you desire. Most game sessions are built around a theme - exploring masculine/feminine polarity, setting healthy boundaries, etc. These settings give participants the opportunity to dive deeper into a specific area of their life which they intend to explore.
The Authentic Relating Games are set up one-on-one, in small groups and/or with the whole group. Some are light, fun and playful, while others are serious and edgy… but, no worries - they each have a focus on paying attention to your experience of yourself, and others, in the present moment. You’ll tap into the good stuff.
How well do you know yourself? Like, actually know the intimacies, nooks, crannies, desires, fears, hidden treasures of being in your own, authentic skin? Get ready to find out.
Hi, self - nice to finally meet you.
Friday Mar 26, 2021 - Mar 26, 2021 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

at Westgate

Tom Major

Tom Daily is my given name, Major Tom is my chosen name. I work in human connection, Intimacy coach, and authentic relating facilitator at, and Co-Producer of
Trained as an authentic relating facilitator, I utilize Integral Theory for teaching different practices in acting, movement, and intimacy.I create brave spaces to bring people together to show up fully and authentically.
Authentic Relating Games allow you to intimately know yourself and create a space for decentralized processing. As an intimacy permissionary, I use games to go to places that are from ecstatic joy to deep sorrow. All of you welcomed and invited to my workshops utilizing Integral Theory incorporating elements of psychodrama, tantra, authentic relating, and improv.