(In Person) Bringing The Joy Back: Infusing Joy Into Your Day at Cedar Park

About the workshop

Bringing the Joy Back: a Workshop Infusing More Joy into Your Day

Do you ever find yourself thinking you know how good your life is, but you are still struggling to find joy? Are you looking for ways to destress and lean into joy to create more happiness, pleasure, inspiration and dare I say it, even play into your day?

In this interactive online workshop series, Joyful Genia, Create a Magical Day’s Creative Visionary, will share simple tips & inspiration to guide you through the sometimes rough waters of daily stress through interactive play. With the daily stressors of life, we sometimes find it challenging to experience joy after a long day. This playful workshop will give you actionable joyful tips to help you expand your creativity, increase your energy and find that much-needed relaxation time to ultimately tackle your work & home projects like you want while feeling joyful.

In a world that is focused on efficiency, and productivity, there is a high amount of burnout, depression, lack of motivation, and little engagement. CaMD is meant to be a practical and tangible resource to help you feel more engaged, inspired, and energetic with a sense of calm and joy to promote a happy and healthy work environment and lifestyle.

Genia, Your Joy Activator, the creative visionary and director behind Create a Magical Day (CaMD) is on a joyful journey to help those hard at work (9-5ers) infuse more joy into their days. Her experience in turning toxic work environments into a place of inspiration and engagement is the foundation of all workshops and inspirational material.

In this workshop series you will:
Take a little time to create something simple, relaxing & also empowering for yourself.
Engage in a creative project to express yourself, learn more about you & what you like.
Connect old with new ideas to create more joyful moments personally & professionally.
Build a community with others who are also on a joyful journey in a comfortable setting.
Walk away with simple and empowering tools to help combat day to day stress.
Let your mind run free to release some stress so you can walk away feeling refreshed & energized.

Some of what the workshops will include:
Dance Party
Gratitude sharing
Joyful visualization/meditation
Presentation/Chat on a specific topic
Interactive activity/play
Simple & powerful tips to increase Joyful Living
Community building

Even though every day may not be filled with joy, we can create joyful moments every day. Allowing yourself to be creative gives you opportunities to try new activities, expand your way of thinking and contribute to how you problem-solve your daily stressors. These projects create joyful moments to take you from feeling stressed to relaxed and inspired. Together we can celebrate our uniqueness. Infusing a small amount of Joy into your day allows you to take control of your happiness. You can be more excited about life without having to create huge changes.

Let’s lean into joy and create more happiness, pleasure, and inspiration in our days.

Sliding scale donation:

$20 - being uplifted by the community

$30 - supporting yourself

$40 - supporting yourself and uplifting the community 


Sunday Jun 27, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

at Cedar Park