Emerging From Confinement - Yoga Series at Westgate

About the workshop

Maybe you kept up with your practice… maybe it was a slow progression… maybe you completely threw it out the window. (we wouldn’t blame you)

Our very own Sarah Sullivan is adjusting to in-person right along with you, and she wants to bring you in for the process. We invite, and encourage, you back into the studio and back onto your mat with our to either start or refresh your yoga practice.

Emerging From Confinement is a 5-week series to refresh and deepen your practice, every Monday evening 4:30-5:45pm from June 28, July 5, 12, 19, 26

June 28th- Class One: Pranayama
Understanding the Breath

July 5th- Class Two: Seated Postures
Finding the foundation
Exploring the core

July 12th- Class Three: Standing Postures
Finding your Feet/Balance
( Forward Bends & Back Bends)

July 19th- Class Four: Lateral Bends
Exploring the sides of the body

July 26th- Class Five: Modifications for Sun Salutations
& Restorative postures

We survived shutdown together. We’ll survive the world opening back up together, as well.

$75 for the whole series
$20 drop in

In person only @ Flow Yoga Westgate

Monday Jun 28, 2021 - Jul 26, 2021 04:30 pm - 05:45 pm

at Westgate