(Online) Meditation, Collage, and Sound Series at Online

About the workshop

(Online)  September 18th and 25th
There’s a creative being within each of us - whether they show up carving the final touches on a full-body sculpture, or finger-poking a song on the piano - she’s there. And, let’s explore!

Join Tina for a Meditation, Collage and Sound Series - bring alive your creative life, extend your possibilities and perspective, and strengthen your intuition to ultimately support your soul.

Unlike Vision Boards, Collage Journeying goes deep within to heal and clear your path, receive inner guidance, and see the bigger picture of yourself.

In this series, Tina will offer meditation/visualization to begin — sound healing w/ music, gong, bowls while you create your collage to integrate and support the process. Each session break will contain a journal prompt, and you will have time to share your creations and awareness with each other. Over this 6 hour series, learn yourself better, experience tools to support your creative process, and find the seeds, light and water within to let your creativity

For 25 years, Tina has offered a safe space for others to create and, more importantly, connect their intuition with wisdom. “I know what it feels like to be stuck creatively, and my unique way of being and living did not have room to grow. ”Tina felt her soul asking to follow a deep movement she felt within her heart and, unknown where to begin, she started with what she knew well: art."

“Collage helped me see beyond my limiting mind, see my inner guidance on paper, and feel alive again.”


What to bring: journal, pen, yoga mat and anything your creative mind wants to invite along.

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Saturday Sep 18, 2021 - Sep 25, 2021 02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

at Online