Free Your Mind at Anderson

About the workshop

Barred behind anger, frustration, resentment… our minds can go into “mental prisons” - an isolating chamber to sit alongside grief, depression and sadness. Firstly - you are not harboring this sentence alone, and two - together, let’s break down the freakin’ barriers.

Freedom Jennings is conducting a prison break from our minds - teaching tangible ways to escape and rewrite the story of your life, stepping into the sunny side of FREEDOM!

Our lives are meant to be filled with joy, happiness, peace and community. Learn to see how what you’re “growing through” is a ticket to the positive, dominant vibrations in your life.

In this workshop, Freedom will break down:

How your brain forms “mental prisons”
Why we stay stuck in them, even when we’re ready to be free
Steps to dismantling bars that keep us trapped
Facilitating space for our feelings (the good AND the bad), via a guided meditation
“Flipping the script” into freedom

For over a decade, Freedom Jennings has studied Shadow Work and explored the use of emotions as an internal guidance system to live life to the fullest. Understanding your feelings gives you STRENGTH, and is your compass to guide the obstacles in your life into true, honest opportunities.

There’s no one, perfect way for processing emotions, but together, we can break down some barriers and free our minds, leading us into the lives we’re meant to live.

September 7 @ Andy - this free event is an intro to Freedom for the Community, leading up to a Shadow Series led by Freedom. We can’t wait to see you here!

Tuesday Sep 7, 2021 - Sep 7, 2021 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

at Anderson