Stress Management at Anderson

About the workshop

Stress - the nuisance neighbor that comes knocking more often than you’d like.

Gabriel from GabrielMindDetox is hosting a FREE workshop to explain the different layers of negative emotions — how they can cause sickness, physical pain and become a part of your personality. *shudders* AND, he'll be teaching how to cleanse them.

GabrielMindDetox are therapeutic tools that support confidence and ease, and Gabriel will guide you through different modalities within stress to help you feel good, refreshed and confident.

Through self-hypnosis, sound healing, TAo hand healing and EFT, dissolve your fear and self-sabotage and step into the freedom of being yourself!

Non-conventional techniques that you may have never thought to try... but, what do you have to lose?

Oct 13th, 6pm @ Anderson -- next time insomnia comes a-knockin’, you’ll be too fast asleep to answer the door!

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021 - Oct 13, 2021 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

at Anderson