Flute Healing Journey at Westgate

About the workshop

Journey through the sounds of flute, song and drum w/ Nate Long “Owl” for an evening of healing and meditation.

Nate Long “Owl” curated the “Healing Hands Song” — a vocable song, and the melody + verse progression follows the contours of the hands.

“In November of 2018, while in isolation and prayer for three days and nights, I was gifted a song. I was told this is a Healing Hands Song. As part of this gift, I was given instructions behind the meaning and how to sing it and that these instructions are to be shared so that this medicine can provide the highest healing impact.”

A unique, soothing, sound healing ceremony with a melody created to soothe the soul.

"What I really enjoy about Nate's flute is that he plays from his heart, from the spirit essence of his soul.
And this is something that can be clearly felt in whatever flows from his flutes.

I always feel his music touches me deeply in my core and enlivens a richness of inner peace, visionary inspiration and tranquility."

Saturday Nov 6, 2021 - Nov 6, 2021 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm

at Westgate

Nate Long "Owl"

An Intentional Artist and community builder who gains insight through meditative journey-work. His creations are truly a “made prayer” to address something bigger, or deeper in the individual, or the world. Nate’s work can elicit deep thought and encourages cleansing, healing and blessing individuals, sacred spaces and community. His intention is to raise awareness, discomfort and ease, however that may look.

Nate Long ”Owl”:

  • Activities Director for the Shamanic Community of Austin.
  • Author of multiple children’s books.
  • Writes and illustrates regular inspirational works through
  • Drum/rattle maker, holding workshops throughout the year.
  • Founder of Austin Labyrinth Project and maker and teacher of labyrinth building.
  • Sound healer, energy healer, ceremonialist and minister for marriage, blessings, and rite of passage events.