Partner Thai Yoga Body Work Workshop: Level Two at Westgate

About the workshop

In this 2nd series of Partner Thai bodywork, you will learn additional techniques and areas of the body to pamper.
You are not required to have completed the 1st series yet it will have lent more ease in delivering the bodywork. This workshop will explore much more than the physical body. As you give and receive together, your communication and ability to ask and express what you desire will magnify. Your relationship will explore a deeper level of connection, understanding and appreciation. The movement and pace will be meditative and both of your energies will calm and balance. This bodywork is like no other and you will want to experience it over and over again. Come with a partner or enjoy the pleasure of meeting someone new. You will be guided along with instruction and demonstrations as to the techniques and options for your comfort as you give and receive. A manual will be provided for you to continue the practice on your own. Additional options to receive this rejuvenating, peaceful bodywork in a session of your own with myself are available.

Participants are to wear comfortable, loose clothing. Option to bring eye pillows, a blanket of choice, journal and writing instrument, yoga mat, and anything else for your comfort. The studio provides blankets, blocks, bolsters, and a limited number of yoga mats.

Sunday Sep 18, 2022 - Sep 18, 2022 02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

at Westgate

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