Today we’re super excited to announce that we have added 2 new locations on Anderson Lane and at Westgate.

What does this mean for Flow Yoga Cedar park students? It means our benefits and offering to you are significantly expanding. You’ll be able to enjoy a very wide range of classes, instructors and events all over the Austin area.

Your Flow Yoga membership will now get you unlimited access to hundreds of classes a month and dozens of world class instructors.

The website and app has been updated to include classes from all 3 Flow Yoga locations and you’ll start to see the classes populating more and more over the the next few weeks. On both the app and website, you can show and hide classes from the various locations.

The new locations will be going through a refresh and may have some down time but any closures will be noted on the schedule and upcoming locations page.

We’re so thankful for your support and dedication over the years.

For Yoga Yoga members, you can read more here.