Sunday 6:30pm-10:00pm

Feb 05, 2023

at Westgate

Sunday Wellness Meetup

Somatic Release Breathwork with Derek and Alexander

We will be having special guest supporters for this event. This event will include a total of 5 breathwork practitioners, and 3 reiki energy workers that will be present.

Alexander Gouyet and Derek will be guiding you through an immensely powerful breathwork journey that utilizes NLP to help clear out the things you no longer want to hold onto, and then replace and repattern your mind into an optimized state. It is very likely that you will have major realizations and downloads, and even more may continue to pop up throughout your week as you go about your days!

Come rejuvenate yourself with a vibrant community and transformative modality that serves to empower and realign you!


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Join us each Sunday for this unique event! Every week, a special guest will guide you through mindful activities that allow you to sample different spiritual modalities and tools to help you in your journey of personal growth.

Starting at 6:30pm in the lounge, we'll start the night off with Cacao & Connection: enjoy some heart-opening cacao while getting to know the community by playing Cards for Connection games.

Moving into 7:30pm, we'll head to the big room and begin with intention setting and meditation – bringing mindfulness to our lives. This will be followed by sound healing/movement as well as other activities depending on the facilitator.

Following this, you can reconnect with those you've met earlier or explore new connections.

Can’t wait to see you there!

We love you,
Derek & the Insid3out Team

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The mission at Insid3out is to support individuals to transform and align with their truest self. We aim to build community and connection through wellness events, networking, and fun! This is much more than a group: it's a community.