January 10 - April 6, 2023

Sacred Space

A Hatha based yoga teacher training with Angie Knight

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Sacred Space Teacher Training will teach you how to hold safe and sacred space for yourself and others. You will learn how to get in touch with and trust the wisdom of your body and your own inner guidance system so that you can live an authentic and free life. You will then be able to offer that space to others as they practice yoga and go out into their lives. This training is unique in that most of the in- person learning is done through embodied practice rather than studying books or notes. We also start practice teaching right from the beginning, so you feel comfortable teaching yoga when you graduate. In the past 4 teacher trainings, people do not want to leave the group once they graduate because it has been such a nourishing, fun, and supportive experience!

The training runs from:

January 10 - April 6, 2023

Tuesdays 10am-3pm & Thursdays 12-2pm

200 hour certificate
at Flow Yoga Westgate
Austin, TX

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Know Yourself
In this training, you will get to know your true self by unlearning limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your heart’s desires.

I teach you how to expand your capacity to be with yourself and life so that you can tap into the inherent wisdom of your body and inner knowing.
Love Yourself
This training focuses on yoga as a conduit for healing. I help you learn to love yourself by remembering your inherent worth and wholeness. You will learn to value the way you feel above all else and become the safeguard for your own life force.

I teach you fun and joyous practices to prioritize your needs and develop an allegiance to your heart. You must first learn to do this for yourself and then you can guide others to do the same.
Trust Yourself
You will learn to trust yourself and the unfolding of life. You will learn all the foundational blocks for practicing and teaching yoga for the purpose of creating a safe and sacred space for people to be with themselves and life.

You will learn how to be a grounded, compassionate, non-judgmental presence for yourself so that you can offer that to others. You will be able to guide yourself and others to a place of inner peace and knowing.
Be Yourself
This training will be a supported journey into yourself so that you can grow and expand and become more authentically you.

Whether you want to deepen your own practice or offer it to others, you will realize that your uniqueness is a gift to the world. It is time to fly and BE the authentic and most free version of you!

During This Training You Will Learn

  • How to access the wisdom of your body and trust your inner guidance system and teach others to do the same
  • To connect to Universal support and guidance
  • How to create a safe and sacred space for people to be with themselves and life
  • Asanas (postures) and modifications for practicing and teaching all levels of practitioners
  • The art of sequencing and creating an arc 
  • How to structure a class as a sacred journey that leaves people with a regulated nervous system and a sense of peace and okayness 
  • Cultivating authentic and clear communication 
  • Functional anatomy and physiology for yoga
  • Yoga techniques to regulate your nervous system and co-regulate with others
  • Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation for your personal practice as well as working with students
  • Deep listening and presence (mindfulness) for yourself and others
  • Self-love, healthy boundaries and managing your energy
  • Subtle body yogic anatomy with emphasis on the chakra system
  • The ethics of teaching yoga 
  • The Yamas and Niyamas
  • The business of teaching yoga and marketing strategies to succeed as a yoga teacher
  • There is a special emphasis on embodied learning so you won’t just learn through lecture. Angie teaches mostly through your body so there will be a lot of practice throughout the days
  • There is also an emphasis on practice teaching from the beginning so you are comfortable teaching yoga as a safe and sacred space for people to come home to themselves

Your guide on this journey

Angie Knight

Angie has 15+ years of yoga teaching experience and has taught over 10,000 classes, workshops, and events. This is her 4th year leading teacher training, and she has created and led mentorship programs for yoga teachers for 8 years. Her classes are inspirational + light-hearted, and will take you on a journey that leaves you feeling at peace.

Angie has studied yoga, meditation, shamanism, and other healing arts for over 20 years. She studied with shamans and healers to understand energy healing and incorporates that wisdom into her teaching. Students have said over the years that her classes are like yoga, church, laughter, and therapy all in one.


Class is in-person at Flow Yoga Westgate

Tuesdays and Thursdays January 10 - April 6, 2023

Every Tuesday(No class week of Spring Break on 3/7/23)

In class session: 1/10/23-4/4/23 from 10am-3pm (total of 12 sessions)

Every Thursday(No class week of Spring Break on 3/7/23)

In class session: 1/12/23-4/6/23 from 12-2pm (total of 12 sessions)

Attend Live and Virtual Classes

Must attend a minimum of 6 in person classes a month. At least 3 with Angie (could be more) and at least 1-2 a month with other teachers. 18 total in person classes (and reflection questions)

[25 credit hours]

Attend 2-3 virtual (live or recorded) classes a month (either with Angie or other teachers) and answer reflection questions. (If you need to do more virtual classes for time/work reasons, we can be flexible on the combination of in person and virtual.)

[12 credit hours]

Practice Teaching

These hours per month will be conducted with another person or in small groups 4 hours per month (can be a mix of in person and virtual)

[12 credit hours]

Reading + Self Study + Home assignments (Asynchronous work)

To be assigned throughout the course. You can be creative about this portion. You can do more of one of the other sections, read books, answer weekly reflection questions, etc.

[42 hours-2 ½-3 hours per week]

Home Practice

2 hours per week throughout the course (can include daily meditation, journaling, and yoga)

[24 credit hours]


This YTT allowed me to heal my body in ways I never thought I could. Years of using sports and weight training to release stress left my body and spirit needing a softer, more connected means of release. Working with Angie enabled me to tap into my own sacred place of healing through movement, breath, and stillness. I walked away with a deeper attunement to inner teacher and a level of personal acceptance than I had ever felt previously.


Right away, I recognized Angie's authenticity. I knew she had first hand experience with what she was teaching us about presence, knowing, vulnerability and connection to self. More than anyone I know, Angie understands the importance of holding space. For all of these reasons, I knew instantly she was the teacher for me. All the many gifts she shared during yoga teacher training are still with me in every class I teach or take!


Almost three years ago, I decided to get my yoga teaching certificate as a 40th birthday present to myself and the universe brought Angie into my life!

She not only brought her deep knowledge of the foundations/basics of yoga but also guided us on how to truly cultivate mind-body connection.

She encouraged us to trust life, trust the process and, most importantly, to listen to and be ourselves. My teacher training with Angie was a life changing experience.

I am so incredibly grateful for her support, wisdom & humor. And to top it all off, I'm a yoga teacher now! A dream come true :)


Trusted in Austin for over 11 years

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Sacred Space Yoga Teacher Training does not require a level of proficiency before enrolling in the training. If you're considering a Teacher Training program - then you're ready.

Congratulations! Every journey begins with a single step,and reading more about our program could be the first step on your individual path. Perhaps you already know that yoga is your passion and that you’re ready to elevate your practice to the next level. You may even be considering taking the leap from yogi enthusiast to yoga professional. Many students come to our program at varying points in their journey, creating a well-rounded and diverse cohort.

You must complete at least 80% of the course to receive certification. Make up assignments may be assigned for classes that you cannot attend.

If you can only get one day of work off a week, please reach out! We will work with you to set up a custom plan that will work with your schedule.

No. This training will only be offered in-person at Flow Yoga Westgate.

Throughout the Sacred Space Teacher Training there will be touchstones of information and group practice to assimilate. You will practice teaching and discuss a myriad of Yogic traditions. To pass the curriculum you will need to lead your group in a safe yoga practice.

There are 85 hours of in-person classes (excluding the classes you are required to take). The remaining hours will be asynchronous learning at your own pace.

Yes. After completing the course you will have the option to be included in the Yoga Alliance registry of teachers. Registering with Yoga Alliance is optional and not required to be a yoga teacher.

No, but there is a list of recommended books for the asynchronous portion of the course. You can choose where you want to deepen your knowledge, just be ready to share with the group what you learn!

Yes. Payment plans are available, but the course must be paid in full by the first day of class on January 10th. Please send us a message so we can work out a payment plan with you.

After classes start on January 10th, no refunds will be available. If you want, you may discuss your request for a refund with Angie directly after classes start.

If you have a change of plans before classes start you can either use the funds already paid as credit for a future teacher training or you can request a refund minus a 10% processing fee to cover bank charges.