Melanie is a certified yoga instructor, active runner and a P.E. instructor for grades K-5th. She is a wife and mother of 2 kids. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2014, at Flow Yoga with Kat McCool and Erinn Lewis, and began sharing her love and passion for yoga.

After being an avid marathoner for many years, Melanie dedicated her training to yoga while recovering from a running injury. Yoga helped her feel strong and confident. She found that yoga helped her core strength, posture, flexibility and alignment not only in yoga but in running once she had recovered from her running injury. Her love for running was fueled by her passion and dedication to her yoga practice as she noticed the physical benefits and the spiritual awareness.

“I never imaged I would find myself while feeling so lost without my running, I am grateful I allowed myself this exploration of mind and body.”

Melanie enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Melanie knows the benefits of having a yoga practice.

“We spend most of our day hunched over computers and our phones. Yoga will help to counteract and balance those positions we put ourselves in, day in and day out. Whether you're a bona fide yogi or can barely touch your toes, yoga will have you on your way to a greater sense of wellbeing.”

Melanie will be offering a sequence of yoga postures that will help untangle your body and your mind. Allowing you to be productive, less stressed, and feeling more energized, whether this is your first exposure to yoga or you are an experienced practitioner.

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