Angela K.

Healing touch is a gift that I am honored to provide those who are seeking comfort in their bodies, as this is the vessel in which we experience the world. My approach to massage therapy is continuously informed by ongoing movement studies and somatic embodiment practices, which guide my understanding of the functions, needs, and unique expressions of the human body. Through my own evolving journey, I have learned that we all have the ability to address our own healing and that there is no one-size-fits-all. I enjoy meeting and working with a variety of clients and addressing their unique needs, and particularly enjoy working with pregnant people as their bodies undergo the enormous changes and shifts in preparing to bring new life into the world.

My passion for movement and the healing arts was ignited when I took my first yoga class over 15 years ago. I received a 200-hour Massage Therapy Certification at the Amma Yanni Yoga Center & School in Philadelphia 14 years ago, at the studio where I took my first yoga class. I continued to immerse myself in yoga, building a strong Hatha yoga practice that I carried with me when I moved to Austin, TX in 2009. Shortly after moving to Austin, I immersed myself in dance technique and aerial training, which culminated in opportunities to perform professionally with various local companies and artists. In 2016 I revisited bodywork and studied at the Lauterstein Conway Massage School & Clinic to begin my career as an LMT in Austin. In 2018, I completed a 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training with Siddhi School of Yoga, and I’m currently enrolled at Austin Community College in the Somatic Movement Education Program.

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