Becoming the teacher

This path will take you deeper into your practice than you've ever been - and empower you to share it.

Feb 3rd at Cedar Park - with Theresa, Carolina & Sarah

200 Vinyasa Teacher Training training

Our 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with the knowledge and tools to deepen your practice, and learn to teach yoga classes that are helpful, authentic, creative and inspiring. This training weaves together the core teachings of the Yoga Sutras, the evolution of Hatha Vinyasa, modern day Anatomy and Functional Movement, and the value of Heart based Leadership to develop teachers who can confidently hold space for their students throughout their Yoga journey.


Starting Feb 8 - with Angie Knight

3 Month Yoga Teacher Mentorship

This mentorship is created with the intent to help you grow as a yoga teacher and as a person. Angie has mentored people and yoga teachers for over 10 years, and she has the ability to help people expand into their strengths and gifts. She helps people believe in themselves and find the confidence to be their most joyful and authentic selves!


Start any time and go at your own pace

200HR Yoga Teacher Training - Online & Self Paced

With online content, live streaming meetups and in-studio sessions; go through this journey as fast or as slow as you'd like



Feb 2 at Westgate - with Tej

Yoga & Astrology Training

A weekend immersion to learn how to integrate major astrological cycles into your yoga practice, teachings, and life


14 Weekends Starting Sep 30

Heart Chakra Teacher

This Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Training course will use technology from Hatha and Kundalini yoga as well as other modalities to quiet the Mind so we can listen to our Heart. It is our Heart that will point us in the direction of Wholeness, Healing, and being able to Forgive.

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