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Elina P.

Alina Pink started dancing when she was 4 years old with belly dancing and lambada. Being around a lineage of dancers in her family she was always up for a dance challenge at family socials competing with aunts and cousins to show off her talents.
Alina created hip hop choreography growing up and performed in solo & teams for West African, Modern and belly dancing while attending Queens College. After graduating she spent countless hours training and performing Latin partner dance including salsa, bachata, chá chá, burlesque and Brazilian Zouk.

To improve and expand her West Coast Swing training and knowledge she studied tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and contemporary at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center in NYC.
Some of the celebrity dancers she worked with were Keenan Cooks, Tara Lee Pollin, Lynn Schwab, Robert Royston, Jérome and Bonnie, Gary McIntyre, Susan Kirkland, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Molleman.

Jaabel Lopez has a classical music training background from Berkeley School of music. He started dance training with Alina in 2016. Jaabel trained with Henry for lamba Zouk and took ballet at Steps on Broadway. Robert Royston and Jordan Frisbee were his main influencers in West Coast Swing. Jaabel studies hip hop with Matt Stefanina and does yoga regularly. Jeff Cavaliere influenced his fitness journey and Dr. Eric Berg impacted his health and nutrition.

Alina and Jaabel have been teaching dance at University's and weddings since 2017. They have created and performed for music videos by Joyner Lucas. Currently, they teach online classes and various dance studios in SA/Austin, Texas.

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