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Alexandra Hulme and Fiona Emley are two dedicated guides on the path of transformation and holistic healing.

Alexandra, a passionate kundalini yoga teacher, movement artist, and holistic health coach, brings her expertise in awakening the body, mind, and spirit through deep self-love and authentic self-expression. Her classes are a blend of healing and enlivening practices, fostering creativity, harmony, and a victory mindset.

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Fiona, has over 20 years of experience in self-development and spirituality. Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Fiona's journey has led her to overcome addiction, trauma, and anxiety disorders through the power of conscious living and meditation. Kundalini Yoga opened the doorway to self-love and spiritual foundation for her, inspiring her to share her gifts as an EFT Tapping coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Sound Healer. Fiona intuitively guides others towards healing trauma patterns, releasing stress, and reconnecting with their truth.

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