Liz S.

I'm an artist/musician who found Pilates on my path to managing a decade of chronic pain. I started practicing Pilates in 2013, completed a comprehensive training program in 2018 and have been teaching in-studio and virtually for the past 4 years. Mindful movement is how I learned to care for myself as a participant, not just a patient, in my own healing journey. Finding the tools to self-regulate through breath and movement has been a wonderfully transformative experience. My hope as a teacher is to create space for more than just Pilates, as Pilates (or any type of movement) can be so much more than just a way to move. It is for healing, it is for community, it is to regenerate and disengage from work, it is for the mind as well as the body, and for fortifying ourselves for what lies ahead. I believe that our capacity to show up for others is rooted in doing work on ourselves, and both are fundamental to our health and well-being. My hope for these classes is that they allow us to simply be with our bodies in a way that supports our structures as well as our ability to move through life feeling well.

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