Mae Deevy and G.

Mae Deevy is a Certified Hypnotist, Sound Healing Vocalist, Integrative Coach & Host of "Stories from the Subconscious" Podcast. She is a classically trained singer with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. She now incorporates her musical background with the intuitive use of crystal singing bowls and various other sound healing instruments to deliver sonic experiences that have been described as “nothing short of magical.”

Mae works with clients privately and in group coaching programs to reframe and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves so that we can step into a place of calm clarity. In addition, Mae also leads a group hypnosis experience at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge called, "Hypnosis for your Highest Self." She is a member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) and can be found on Instagram @MaeDeevy.ATX or through her website:

Gregory Alexander is a lifelong singing musician straddling the spaces of multiple genres of music (including choral, solo, theatrical, sacred, groove-oriented pop, rock, country, and dance.). A practitioner and devotee of the improvised moment, Gregory is also a trained bodywork practitioner, Reiki Master, and Oneness Blessing giver dedicated to fostering wholeness wherever possible. He has been recognized as a “deeply gifted vocalist” and a “magician.”

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