Megan S

Yoga has served as a sanctuary for Megan since 2011 when she found her first studio in Austin at Wanderlust Studio and dove right in. Within a few years, she would complete her first 200 RYT teaching training in vinyasa and start teaching at her Alma mater, the University of Texas- Austin. In 2015, Megan came across a kundalini class at Yoga Yoga and knew her life was forever changed. She assisted in a 200 RYT kundalini teacher training that year and realized her style was changing. The combination of breath, posture, mantra, and meditation was her secret recipe to creating the changes needed. A deep peace and strength has been uncovered over the years, and with these practices, Megan was able to completely reinvent her life. The more she's learned, the slower she's gotten, and now cherishs the yin side of yoga. She finds the opportunity of time works wonders on the body and wishes to offer that gift to her students. With the extra love of hands on assists, her classes provide a safe place to release the internal tensions both in body and mind, and hopefully leave you with a blissed out smile. When she's not teaching, she's finding a local market to explore, learning about sustainability, stars, and mystic arts. And don't get her started talking about dreams!

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