Natalia M.

My life has been full of wonderfully enriching experiences which have all brought me to where I am now. At the heart of it, has been my desire to help others. and serve a greater purpose at large. As a child I had a passion for dance and music. I studied dance at a pre-professional level, building myself up for a career in performing. An injury in my early 20’s put a halt to these plans, and had me shift my focus to the beginning of a career in the healing arts. I learned that I could use my love and passion for the body and creativity by becoming a bodyworker. This led me to see how not only physical pain was trapped in folk’s bodies, but the mental anguish as well. I was inspired to do a deep dive in somatic form of practices, studying yoga and becoming a teacher, 5 rhythms and contact improv, showing me how the release we feel when moving our bodies to music, in collective, can be so healing to both mind and body. I have since veered in the direction of education, and have been an elementary and preschool teacher for almost a decade. I look forward to blending my healing journey, along with my multi-cultural perspective, to my classes.

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