Sade J.

I show up as a dancer, theater maker, Trauma-Informed Yoga Facilitator, dance therapist, and energy worker. My work is centered in the therapeutic power of movement and mind to support deep self-knowing, regulation, and care.

I was born in a Brooklyn summer, so my spirit is of flames underwater. I grew up in the old New York filled with the products of oppression and poverty. But my spirit is that of flames underwater. I grasped onto all of the aspects of life that would preserve me and catapult me along my path – movement, psychology, and spirituality. This was my canvas. I am a dancer of 19 years, a psychologist by degree, and a practitioner of African-based spirituality that was preserved throughout the course of slavery. The breadth of my knowledge at the crossroads of mind, body, and spirit allows me gifts to see and move energy in/with bodies. My work provides healing and builds internal structures for wellness. The work I do is the work I did (am doing) for myself. I just remind people how to see themselves.

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