Stewart Y.

I was originally a professional dancer, first ballet then ballroom. And I created and ran a dance school in Austin for many years. While running my school one of my students told me “hey, I want to let you know I stopped seeing my therapist because of you.” Hmm, so I started to pivot away from the dance world and into yoga, t’ai chi, and meditation.

I created a health program called Balance Health, with the hope and intent of helping people be healthier and happier. The 4 main principles are exercise, nutrition, nature, and meditation.

I like to teach yoga into meditation, and t’ai chi into meditation. The yoga class is mainly Hatha and Vinyasa with a traditional Buddhist meditation at the end, or Dr. Joe Dispenza-inspired meditation. The t’ai chi class is Yang style tai chi and with Nei Gong and a guided healing meditation at the end. In any of my classes please do not force any postures. Instead listen to your body and honor where it is at, not the person’s next to you. If you need to modify a posture please do so, or rest, do so. My classes are about creating healthy movement and meditation and healthy habits. Hopefully transformative, reminding you, and connecting you to your body, soul, and spirit. I have done many styles of yoga for over 30 years, and tai chi for about 15 years, and meditation for about 8 years.

My kundalini rose in the Summer of 2017. Any questions? I’m always happy to answer them. Sending lots of love, Namaste, StewArt

  • RYT 200
  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • T'ai chi Yang style
  • Yoga into meditation
  • T'ai chi into meditation

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