Subina G.

Based in Austin, Texas, Subina routinely shares her passions both locally and abroad.
Her dance training is heavily rooted in fusion bellydance and improv team sync.
She uses isolation of movement to convey emotion through many different styles of music and has studied in-depth under many world renowned artists.
Having trained and performed with multiple dance troupes for over 15 years, Subina has a wealth of knowledge and skills to offer.
She is well versed in several props including sword, veil, fire belt/torches, and drum.
She routinely performs in festivals throughout Texas and is typically accompanied by live musicians and DJs.

Subina loves to travel and spend time in nature. Although she works in a corporate engineering job during the day, she lives a very active life outside of business hours and feels very fulfilled when spending time with her children and loved ones.
Some of her hobbies outside of bellydance include hiking, camping, meditation, kundalini yoga, acro yoga, metaphysics, jiujitsu, Akashic Record channeling, ecstatic dance, paddle boarding, and more.
She is on a quest to try everything and loves experiencing all that the world has to offer.
She loves connecting with people of all walks of life and seeks to empower all those around her to live to their fullest, however that may look for them.

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