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Yoga & Wellness Events at Flowmagin • Flow Yoga

Who doesn't love a good party! Throughout the year we host events around Cedar Park and Austin from sound baths and breathwork, to meditation dinners, Yoga retreats and even free CPR classes.

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5 star reviews

This studio is my happy place. All the colors and the squishy floors make the experience unique. Highly recommend the Yoga & Somatics class with Anna K. It has been the absolute best way to start my week regulated and ready to go!

5 star rating Sara M. 5 star review for

I absolutely love all the classes I have been to at this studio. I really appreciate the wide variety of teachers and classes that are offered here. Everything from improve classes to yoga classes to dance parties! The one critique I might offer would be to schedule the classes with 15-30 minutes in between. It was a little difficult to get classes started on time. Overall wonderful experience and will definitely be back! ❤️

5 star rating Zach T. 5 star review for

I’ve been going to flowmagin for about 3 months now and I love it. They offer a variety of different classes with really knowledgeable instructors. The space is really cool and efficient. I love that they don’t have a minimum count for a class. I’ve gone to multiple sessions where it’s just been me and the instructor and really appreciate it. My favorite sessions have been the sound bath sessions. I book through class pass and rarely use any other yoga studio to practice. Love it here!

5 star rating Autumn N. 5 star review for

Make sure to check out their full schedule! Flowmagin offers a variety of classes (not just yoga), so there’s something for everyone. So far I’ve tried out a sound healing meditation, candlelit yin yoga, and the partner yoga/Thai massage class. I enjoyed all of them. The instructors are welcoming and very passionate about what they teach. Cool fact that I didn’t realize until recently: Flow Yoga studios (various locations), 3rd Eye, Body Collective, and Flowmagin are all sister studios. So be sure to check out their other studios in town too since each type of studio has their own unique vibe!

5 star rating Tryumph Speech T. 5 star review for

I love this place so much. The most unique classes and wonderful teachers - and community! I just moved to austin and feel like I fell in love with it is hanks to this studio. Highly recommend!

5 star rating The Wave Silent D. 5 star review for

I have done some breathwork and movement classes at flowmagin the past couple months. Everyone is super welcoming from the staff to the patrons. I haven't done classes like this before, but I would highly recommend this place to beginners. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this studio. It has a great community, and the design of the inside is very quirky and fun. :D

5 star rating Patrick D. 5 star review for

The breathwork classes run here by Derek and Sam are absolutely amazing, so much healing happens in the states they are bringing us to where trauma can just float up and release by pumping enough oxygen to speed up the mental processing of new information relating to memories altered by over recall over time. Real healers too Monday 6 breathwork 7 ecstatic movement 8:30 erotic movement Nice set of classes after breath work to ground in the healing Highly recommend

5 star rating Eddie A. 5 star review for