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Theres a reason why Flow is one of the highest rated wellness brands in Texas.

We spent the last 10 years engineering software, creating marketing automations and developing our operations so our studio owners can focus purely on the experience.

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Our family

In 2019 our 1 little studio started to share our technology with other studios and could not have guessed how quickly it would grow... even through a pandemic.

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We do things a little different

Instead of us building new studios around the country, we look to partner with existing studios or students who want to open their own location. We run your entire backend so you can focus on being the face and heart of you studio without the stressful parts of running a business.

Our mission is to help make yoga sustainable and profitable for everyone involved, from the teachers and facilitators to the owners. We're achieving this with some crazy good systems and by creating a unique network of studios that support each other to create efficiencies between them.

Part of a network

We're creating a network of studios that help each other grow. Features, services or products from one studio might be beneficial to the entire network. Or someone looking to open their own studio might instead buy an existing location from a studio owner wanting to exit.

3rd Eye
Case study

3rd Eye is famous for their cacao, their lounge brings in tens of thousands of dollars a month from their drinks alone. Now that they are part of Flow's network, we're creating distribution for their cacao which is bringing additional revenue to each of the studios and wholesale revenue back to 3rd Eye. The 3rd Eye studio has also seen a 5x increase in class revenue in the first 12 months.

Case study

InsideOut spent 2 years hosting classes in public spaces or renting studios by the hour. They were hungry to open their own location but lacked the experience and infrastructure to achieve that. Now part of the Flow network, InsideOut owns and operates 2 physical locations.

Case study

In the process of building and opening a studio from scratch, Malcolm learned that his passion was actually the creative process of designing and developing the space and did not enjoy running a studio. As part of the network, we helped Malcolm sell his studio and are working with him to design more spaces. Revenue for the new owner increased 4x in the first year.

How does Flow stack up?

We think pretty damn good:

The 4 pillars to our structure

Our technology is the backbone of what makes our structure so successful. Our in-house team of engineers is constantly developing products and services for our studios that help them simplify their business and grow exponentially.

Self Check-in

Our self check-in app is all about streamling the in-studio flow of traffic. Our studios went from having 3 studio staff on site and a line out the door to 1 or no staff and checkins that take less than 20 seconds.

Student AI (artificial intelligence)

The easiest avenue for revenue is upselling students who are already fans. Flow's Student AI learns every students interest and behavior then uses that knowledge to educate them on bigger memberships, events, trainings, retreats, etc through your website, emails, and ads.

Event Automation

Events and workshops are a big part of our revenue but managing and marketing them has always been a challenge. With our technology you publish your event on Mindbody and the event is automatically sent to your website, Eventbrite, Meetup, Google and Facebook Events.


We'll upgrade your website to integrate with our systems, perform better on Google, and respond faster. With this, you'll be able to cancel your hosting services and reduce or eliminate your web developer costs.

The most challenging part of running a studio is probably the operations. Theres a lot of moving parts and not enough man power to keep everything running smooth. We are constantly developing and testing new processes to help studios run smooth.


Our Austin based support team helps students, teachers and owners through chat, email and phone. From basic things like password resets, to student retention and backend software support for owners.


Across our studios we have over 150 team members at any given time. To help you deal with the ebb and flow of staff we have dozens training videos, documents and processes for your teachers, front desk, managers and you.


We have 10 years of data on classes, events and trainings. We'll work with you to develop the most ideal schedule for your studio based on what we know works and if needed we'll provide the content for trainings and workshops.

Event templates

We've run over 2,000 wellness events and have compiled a catalog of events that we know can be successful. We'll provide you with outlines, descriptions, images, even suggested days, times and prices for each event.

Expense management

All of our studios survived 2 years of shut downs during covid with no bailouts by closely managing expenses and running our finances lean. Because of our size, we also get volume discounts on many services. We can go through expenses with you to find areas to optimize and see if there are opportunities for Flow to consolidate or reduce individual expenses.

For growing your studio we'll take an aggressive approach to sales and marketing, focusing not just on getting new students in the door, but also maximizing revenue from your existing students.

Marketing automation

We heavily utilize our Student AI and Marketing Automation to sell the right service to the right student, at the right time. Our system uses dynamic sections of your website and automated emails to keep students engaged, encourage them to upgrade and educate them on upcoming events and trainings.

Paid ads

We have a library of paid ads and landing pages that work quite well. We can set these up for your brand so you can easily manage them on your own.


The goal is to get as much organic traffic to your website and studio as possible. We have nearly 20 years of experience getting non-paid traffic to small businesses. We'll focus on improving your website, social media, google listings and map listings to grow the studio quickly and organically.


Statistically, its 5 times easier to earn additional revenue from existing customers than from new customers. We use dozens of campaigns to keep existing students engaged and interested in new and upgraded services.

When adding new studios to our network we're looking to see what services, products and processes from other other studios might benefit that studio and vice versa


As we start to expand into retreat spaces our studios have exclusive access to all inclusive retreat centers where you can host your yoga and wellness retreats.

Teacher Training

We have incredible teacher training content that works for both in-studio and online trainings. These trainings can add an additional $100,000 - $200,000 in annual revenue to your studio. The content is turn key and gives you everything you need to run your trainings.

Class experience

From famous yogi tea after class to infused cold compresses in shavasana and plush, cozy lounges, we bring the very best student experiences from each studio and share them with our other studios.

Cacao bar

Our cacao bars bring our studios an additional $10,000 - $20,000 in monthly revenue while building community with the students and teachers. Our bars are modular and plug and play to easily add to any studio.

Who we are


With a background in marketing and engineering, Josh has spent the last 10+ years coaching, mentoring and investing in startups and small businesses. At Flow, Josh leads marketing and engineering strategies for all of the studios.


A marketing executive turned yogi, Carolina has spent the last 20 years teaching yoga, fitness and mobility in over two dozen countries. At Flow, she develops the programming for classes, events and trainings.


A biomedical engineer by trade, Stephanie has run multi-million dollar operations all over the world. At Flow, Stephanie runs Operations, Finance and products like Retreats and Teacher Trainings.


A product and artificial intelligence engineer who has worked on some of the biggest projects for brands like SpaceX, Hyperloop & Boeing. At Flow, he works on technology and business strategies.

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