Alison J.

Alison started out as a health and fitness coach with a background in competitive bodybuilding. After ending her competition journey and going through some health issues caused by the extreme lifestyle of bodybuilding, she realized the way she viewed health was skewed. Alison did a 180 on her lifestyle, switched her diet to focus on high quality/minimally processed ingredients, and changed her training style to be more fluid. This is also when she discovered the power of breathwork and meditation, and realized that health was about WAY more than just what you eat and how you exercise. Thus began her spiritual awakening.
Alison is now a Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator and Certified Sound Healer, and she helps people unlock stored emotions that may be holding them back while also helping them operate at a higher frequency on a daily basis. Through the power of breath and sound, she helps take steps toward becoming their highest self!

  • Breathwork
  • Sound Healing

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