Partner Yoga & Thai Massage - Dec 02, 2023 at Flow Yoga Flowmagin
Saturday 3:30-4:30PM

Dec 02, 2023

at Flowmagin

Partner Yoga & Thai Massage


Accessible for all levels. Coming with a partner is welcome but not required. Partner yoga (not acro yoga) is a beautiful way to take our practice of connecting with Self through yoga and sharing that with another.


It blends playfulness with mindfulness. Imagine sitting back to back with a friend twisting, reaching, folding, and breathing together. There is a fire within our hearts, and when we combine our flame with another, we shine brighter.

Meet your host

I love to find the sparks in life that set my spirit ablaze. I enjoy when my life is active, outside, and with friends. One of the slowest walkers you’ve seen. Cultivating acceptance (not avoidance), joy, and gratitude.

Partner Yoga & Thai Massage

Saturday 3:30-4:30PM

Dec 02, 2023

at Flowmagin

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