ECLIPSE PORTAL ACTIVATION: Beaming & Embodying the Highest Timeline - Apr 07, 2024 at Flow Yoga 3rd Eye
Sunday 6:30-8:30PM

Apr 07, 2024

at 3rd Eye

ECLIPSE PORTAL ACTIVATION: Beaming & Embodying the Highest Timeline

Join us for an unparalleled journey into cosmic alignment the night before the New Moon Solar Eclipse debuting here in Austin, Texas.

This transformative experience is designed to align you with your destiny -- the highest timeline.

Held at the serene Alma Studio in Casa de Luz -- this class welcomes all ages and skill levels to partake in an exquisite celestial event like no other.

In community, we will dive into the heart of quantum healing, unlocking and activating light codes throughout the energetic body through weaving kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, the resonant vibrations of gong, mantra and sound healing.

This Eclipse Portal Activation is a once in a lifetime astrological phenomenon! An evening of awakening quantum somatic alignment and profound transformation you can touch/see/feel.

Vibrate the cosmos, activate your energy centers, and ignite the soul of the city in Austin, Texas!

An evening you don't want to miss!

Meet your host

Alexandra Hulme and Fiona Emley are two dedicated guides on the path of transformation and holistic healing.

Alexandra, a passionate kundalini yoga teacher, movement artist, and holistic health coach, brings her expertise in awakening the body, mind, and spirit through deep self-love and authentic self-expression. Her classes are a blend of healing and enlivening practices, fostering creativity, harmony, and a victory mindset.

Visit to learn more about her transformative approach.


Fiona, has over 20 years of experience in self-development and spirituality. Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Fiona's journey has led her to overcome addiction, trauma, and anxiety disorders through the power of conscious living and meditation. Kundalini Yoga opened the doorway to self-love and spiritual foundation for her, inspiring her to share her gifts as an EFT Tapping coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Sound Healer. Fiona intuitively guides others towards healing trauma patterns, releasing stress, and reconnecting with their truth.

Explore Fiona's work in these multiple modalities at and embark on your journey of evolution with her guidance.

ECLIPSE PORTAL ACTIVATION: Beaming & Embodying the Highest Timeline

Sunday 6:30-8:30PM

Apr 07, 2024

at 3rd Eye

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