Honing Your Intuitive Abilities at Anderson

About the workshop

Ashley is an Akashic Records Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, Healer and Somatic Facilitator from Bali visiting us on her U.S. workshop tour this summer….
Humans are born supernatural and with the ability to receive the answers to Life's biggest questions. But because society doesn’t value this, we have lost our sense of how to connect to our most valuable asset - Our Intuition.

Intuition helps us make confident, self-resourced decisions that are completely aligned with out Soul's Highest Purpose. This workshop shows us how to do just that.

  • Learn the 4 primary ways you can receive guidance from the Universe.
  • Practice these tools with others and get feedback.
  • Find out what your unique intuitive gifts are.
  • Get the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance.
  • Discover the secret ingredient of getting the answers to your deepest life questions.
  • Receive a uniquely formulated meditation to strengthen your intuitive abilities
  • Leave with a practical map of how to develop your skills for your best life possible.
Saturday Jul 31, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021 01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

at Anderson

Ashley Beasley

Since 2013, I have been supporting groups and individuals into healing and spiritual awakening through yoga, meditation, self-development programs and Akashic Records. I'm an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and Emotional/Energetic Healer.

I offer a unique group method called Embodied Wisdom Practice that involves Akashic Records Activated Embodiment Feedback, Authentic Relating and Meditations.

I'm a 500-RYT Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, having led retreats and 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings for 7 years and diving deep into the worlds of Veda, Vedanta and Tantra in India. I studied in depth with western masters through grounded methods like Holographic Feedback, Authentic Interpersonal Communications and Somatic Bodywork.

I currently reside in Bali and do online private and group Akashic Records work.

*My mission is to help people connect to the answers that reside within them already, their own Inner Compass and Divine Life Purpose. *