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Who doesn't love a good party! Throughout the year we host events around Cedar Park and Austin from sound baths and breathwork, to meditation dinners, Yoga retreats and even free CPR classes.

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5 star reviews

I recently signed up for Flow Yoga Westgate’s 30-day trial for $30, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The value is outstanding, especially considering the variety and quality of classes available. So far, I’ve tried Kundalini, Hatha, and Deep Chill Flow. Each class has been a unique and enjoyable experience, but the Hatha classes have stood out as my personal favorite. The instructors are knowledgeable, attentive, and create a welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy for beginners like me to feel comfortable. I highly recommend checking out Flow Yoga Westgate, whether you’re new to yoga or looking to expand your practice. With a great mix of class styles and times, you’re sure to find something that suits your schedule and preferences. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

5 star rating Khoury Mueller 5 star review for

It is amazing how wonderful my experience has been in this Westgate yoga community. I joined benefiting from the promo 30 days for $30. As a Jesus follower all of the meditative practices have enhanced my spiritual and mental journey! This being said you can come from whatever spiritual road you are on and it will support and teach mindfulness and calm. My body is 64 years old. I have struggled lower right side issue from shoulder to ankle issues from a fall several years ago. I came participating with the skills of a first time yoga student. I am utterly amazed at the difference I can feel on my right side. I am moving better and developing better balance with each class. I have enjoyed mutiple instructors and great time options. ALL of the teachers are great at modifying and encouraging! People and instructors are kind and respectful of each individual!!! I have started my unlimited membership and plan to enjoy each and every day!

5 star rating Denise Doyle 5 star review for

This is a wonderful yoga studio with a variety of good teachers and yoga modalities. Highly recommend!

5 star rating Cricket T 5 star review for

Flow Yoga is such a beautiful, welcoming, and comforting community! I always feel at home when I walk into the studio, and all of the instructors approach their classes with love and tenderness. I love Flow Yoga!

5 star rating Susie Cook 5 star review for

I've met some great teachers here, and the community is warm and welcoming. Classes have been supportive, challenging, and appropriate for a wide range of abilities. I am grateful for the space to learn, explore, and connect with a community that values self-care in South Austin.

5 star rating Kevin Hopper 5 star review for

There is a significant difference between Flow Yoga and much of the other studios I've frequented in Austin... and I've been here a good while. First of all, I cannot say enough about the cleanliness of the studio. It smells good, it looks good, it feels good, it's lovely. Their willingness to communicate and accommodate are unparalleled, and they welcome you to stay in the common area as long as you like before and/or after practice. It's a nice little getaway from the world outside, regardless if you're going in for yoga or not. The sense of community is a breath of fresh air.... so much so that I committed to three months of a program called Mind Over Matter with one of their instructors, and it's one of the best decisions I've made for my well-being in a long time. In fact, I just canceled my membership to another studio I've been committed to for YEARS. Flow seemed like the proper place to aid in my evolution, y'all. 💯

5 star rating Imogen Ximena N. 5 star review for

I have really been enjoying my time at flow yoga Westgate, they have a wide range of classes to take and provide mats blocks and blankets which is lovely if you are coming straight from work- all the instructors have been delightful and the space is tidy. The only thing that can be tricky is the class times can be hard to make with my schedule. If they offered more classes in the evenings that are hatha or yin I would be over the moon. Other then that this is a great studio to practice in and I will keep coming back!

5 star rating Lexie C 5 star review for