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SEPTEMBER 20—25, 2022

30 Continuing Education (CE) credits Live streaming and In-person Austin, TX

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What does a a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training entail?

It’s a 5-day practical and experiential program that teaches the research-backed 10-Step iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation protocol. The iRest Level 1 Teacher Training offers you all of the tools and experience required to deeply enrich your personal practice and teach the fundamentals of Yoga Nidra to others. This training is dedicated time to embark on a journey to discover your unwavering inner resource of wellbeing and unlock simple and profound tools that transform how you meet yourself, navigate life and learn to support others to do the same.

Is this training right for me?

Yes! If you’re looking for a transformative experience and in-depth exploration into the origin, evolution, and practical application of this secular meditation practice. It’s something that anyone can do and everyone can benefit from. Our students usually fall into three categories: The self-practitioners: People from all over the world who are seeking authentic connection, relief from inner turmoil, or are simply curious about meditation as a tool for self-inquiry. The 1-on-1 practitioners: Yoga therapists, psychologists, clinicians, and practitioners of the healing arts looking to learn new skills and incorporate this complementary practice into their toolbox. The group facilitators: Professionals looking to teach iRest to people in general settings like yoga classes and more specialized treatment facilities such as rehabilitation centers.

What you'll learn

How to better understand your thoughts, emotions, and difficult experiences so that you can use them as messengers toward inner freedom and renewed ease.

How to move beyond attachment and identification with your body, mind, and experiences to uncover feelings of peace, wholeness and authenticity.

How to apply the 10-step iRest protocol in your own life and deliver it as an offering to individuals and groups.

By the end of the training you’ll be confident and competent in your personal practice and ability to guide and teach others.


“Once I felt the power of the practice for myself, all I wanted to do was share it with others.“ — Mary Steinberg

“I’ve seen over and over again how iRest has completely transformed people’s lives—mine included. It gave me an absolute perspective shift, a reset, and transformed the way I relate to myself, to life, and to everyone around me.” — Una Hubbard

Your guides on this journey

Your guides on this journey have decades of experience teaching all over the world


I hold masters degrees in both Clinical Social Work and Education and have worked in a variety of therapeutic and educational settings over the past 35 years. I served as the Director of the Therapeutic Yoga Program at Circle Yoga in Washington, DC. I began teaching iRest at the Washington DC VA Hospital as part of the Integrated Health and Wellness Program 15 years ago. I have observed firsthand the benefits of iRest as an adjunctive treatment for alleviating the symptoms of PTSD, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Pain. In addition to my work at the VA, I am a founding partner of Warriors at Ease, whose mission is to train yoga and meditation teachers, to work in military communities. My intention is to weave together my years of clinical experience with the mind/body practices of yoga and meditation in order to empower and support people in living a more calm and balanced life.


Class is live streaming and in-person at Flow Yoga Westgate

Tuesday, Sept 20 245pm - 6pm CST

Wednesday, Sept 21 830am - 6pm CST

Thursday, Sept 22 830am - 6pm CST

Friday, Sept 23 830am - 6pm CST

Saturday, Sept 24 830am - 6pm CST

Sunday, Sept 25 830am - 1230pm CST

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Trusted in Austin for over 12 years

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No prior experience in meditation or yoga is necessary.

No. iRest is intentionally designed as an inclusive secular protocol.

Absolutely. iRest is beneficial for everyone and our teachers are trained to hold a safe and supportive environment for you.

iRest is effective in reducing feelings of stress, worry, and depression. It brings calm and ease, improves sleep, and reduces trauma-related symptoms. You can read the specific research papers here.

Hybrid events are designed so you can choose to join us in person or live online as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Hybrid events reflect our commitment to provide you with a choice in how you'd like to explore iRest. The choice is yours, but either way, you can expect a high quality experience to keep you immersed in the teachings and in community with your fellow participants. We value the importance of gathering in person, but it’s our duty to ensure every participant is safe by following health guidelines and restrictions. Our hybrid events are held only at venues where it’s deemed safe and legal to do so, and meet our own health and safety protocols. In-person attendees at a hybrid event can expect us to take every precaution to safeguard their health by adhering to all COVID-19 health restrictions and mandates. We'll provide clear and accurate information on what to expect at the event - and keep you updated on any changes. If our safety protocols outlined below don't meet your needs and expectations, we encourage you to join us online for a wonderful livestream experience from the safety of your home.

We will continue to hold this Level 1 Training online via Zoom in the event that we cannot hold this retreat in person due to local COVID-19 restrictions. If you registered to participate in person, you will be given everything you need to successfully participate online. We encourage all participants to join us online in the event that we cannot gather in person, but if you are unable to do so, we will issue a partial refund on tuition if you reach out to [email protected].

Rest assured that we're focused on keeping you safe by adhering to local, state, and federal health standards. Please note the safety protocols below are subject to change. We will keep you notified on what to expect if standards and protocols are updated.

Testing & Vaccination Requirements
At this time COVID vaccination and testing are not required to attend this event. If this changes we will contact you with specific information.

Mask Requirement
Masks are currently not a requirement for this event. If a mask mandate is reinstated we'll update you. However, you are welcome to wear a mask to meet your own personal safety preferences.

Safety Features
Flow Yoga will provide hand sanitizing stations.

Tracing Requirement
For your continued health and safety after the training, we'll retain your contact information from registration. If a fellow participant tests positive for COVID during or within 1 week of the event, we'll alert you immediately.

Illness Requirement
If an individual becomes ill during their stay they must notify staff immediately.

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