Gong Training - Jun 1, 2024 - Flow Yoga

Gong Training

with Siri Bahadur Khalsa

Jun 1, 2024

Two-day Gong Training

The player’s relationship to the gong is similar to our connections to our friends and loved ones. The deeper and more caring the intent in the interaction the more we discover that we value it. In those deep friendships, we find love. And so it is with the gong. The more we play and learn to deeply listen to the conversations we have with it, the broader our sharing becomes so that we learn, grow, and find enjoyment in the process.

The training runs from:

Jun 1 - Jun 2, 2024

1pm - 5pm

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What you'll learn

Beginner's Workshop

In the Beginners’ Workshop on June 1, we will learn the basics of gong sounds and how to employ the fundamental techniques of playing. Learning some theory and linking it to practical experience will open the door to discovering that the gong can speak to you and that there is a rudimentary language to learn and a conversation to be had.

Intermediate Workshop

The Intermediate workshop on June 2 will provide the knowledge and refined skills to learn the identities behind the conversation, yours and the gong. This discovery is where the long-term, deeply satisfying relationship develops. The gong discovers you and you discover the gong. You speak with rhythm and the nuances of volume in the conversation- with spaces of silence, whispering, and with invitations to share more volume. Then the gong responds by sharing the nuances of its language resulting in the experience of deeper cosmic communication.


Essentials of gong playing and care

Gongs & Mallets

Gong anatomy

Nuances of basic playing

Technique and Intention

Refined Playing Techniques and Intentions

Refinement of the learned beginning techniques

Playing for Effect

Playing with multiple mallets

Your guide on this journey

Your guide on this journey have years in the class room.

Siri Bahadur K. at Flow Yoga

Siri B K.

Siri Bahadur began his practice of Kundalini Yoga in 1974 and has found the art and science of this style of yoga to be one of constant unfolding discovery. His passion is sharing by teaching, fed by the Kundalini premise of realizing the conscious mindset of the possible human. Breath, movement, and sacred sound are staples in his classes.


  • Kundalini Teacher 500-hour Certification
  • Kundalini Level Three Certification
  • Kundalini Level One Certified Teacher Trainer
  • Kundalini Level Two Certified Teacher Trainer
  • Kundalini Certified Gong Trainer


Class is in-person at North Loop. From Jun 1 - Jun 2, 2024

Trusted in Austin Texas for over 12 years


Jun 1st


1:00pm - 5:00pm

Jun 2nd


1:00pm - 5:00pm

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Refunds and Cancellations

Cancellation policy for this training is 24 hours in advance. No refunds after this window has passed.

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