Banah W.

Banah Winn, an accomplished musician and master of intuitive ceremony, stands as a multifaceted intuitive healer with a rich history spanning over two decades. His journey from drumming on pots and pans at the tender age of 3 to gracing stages across the US and Europe, including major festivals like ‘Primavera Sound,’ underscores his undeniable connection to the profound healing power of sound.
Banah’s quest for wisdom led him to the transformative teachings of Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Four consecutive years of daily meditation for 3-5 hours established a profound connection to his inner guidance, embracing intuitive decision-making as a way of life. As well as working at a psychic and akashic records reader at Sedona’s renowned Center For The New Age.
  • Harmony
  • Harmony + Group Energy
  • Healing + Psychic development + Belief ShiftinG

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