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About Fiona:
Hailing from Hawaii's Big Island, Fiona has dedicated two decades to self-development and spirituality. Her journey, marked by conscious living and meditation, empowered her to conquer addiction, childhood trauma, and anxiety disorders. Kundalini Yoga holds a special place in her heart as the catalyst for self-love and a strong spiritual foundation.

Beyond her classes at 3rd Eye Lounge, Fiona operates as an EFT Tapping Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Sound Healer in a private practice. Her mission is to help clients heal from trauma, release stress and PTSD, and rediscover their truth. Fiona's intuitive guidance empowers others on their transformational path. For more about her work, visit

About Mandy:
Mandy's roots trace back to the picturesque Pacific Northwest, a region where long hikes, beach outings, and snowboarding adventures were an integral part of her upbringing. In 2019, she embarked on a transformative breathwork journey, deepening her connection with her body and catalyzing a profound self-awareness after years of living in a dissociated state due to CPTSD, anxiety, trauma, and depression.

As a facilitator, Mandy's passion lies in guiding individuals to engage their heart, mind, and body through a diverse range of modalities, including breathwork, meditation, sound therapy, and movement. You can connect with her on Instagram at @motivatedmandy.

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