Team - Flow Yoga

Wendall T.

Wendall began her “flow” journey during the pandemic. Feeling unfulfilled and uncertain about the future, she discovered ‘intuitive movement’— a place where her emotions could literally ‘flow’ through spontaneous and curious discovery. She began to heal. And as she did, she undoubtedly knew what she had found was something that had always come naturally, something that flowed with abundance from her very being— Play. And something she absolutely had to share.

Wendall is a play master. Through her offerings “adult recess” and her weekly “Flowmo” class, she embodies play and authenticity in her being. And creates a safe space for anyone who steps into the journey with her to find their own flow.

Wendall T.'s upcoming classes

Jun 3
FlowMo 2024-06-03 at 7:15 - 8:15pm
FlowMo classes near Austin view
Other yoga class
at Flowmagin
with Wendall T.

Wendall T.'s upcoming events