Hush%3A A Silent Experience - May 18, 2024 - Flow Yoga

HUSH: A Silent Experience

The Underground and Flowmagin invite you to HUSH—an innovative evening dedicated to exploring the power and beauty of silence. Designed to disconnect attendees from the relentless pace of modern life and reconnect them with themselves and others in profound, silent ways, HUSH offers a suite of carefully curated activities promoting mindfulness, creativity, and genuine connection.

Event Features:

Live DJS. we will have a mix of amazing DJs performing all night providing deep and beautiful vibes to help deepin our connection to ourselves and others.

A Silence Experience: Engage in a night where no talking and no cell phones are allowed, encouraging deeper connections through non-verbal communication methods such as notebooks and paper and body language

Silent Yoga & Meditation Sessions: Participate in guided yoga and meditation sessions led without spoken words, using only hand signals

Mindfulness Corner: Discover a peaceful sanctuary upstairs, featuring meditation seating and journaling supplies, designed to invite guests to reflect and meditate.

Adult Coloring Areas: Immerse in silent creativity with intricate coloring books and art stations.

Silent Gratitude Wall: Contribute to a collective tapestry of gratitude by expressing thanks on sticky notes or cards.
Mindful Eating Area: Savor food in silence, focusing on the sensory pleasures of textures and flavors.

Q&A with Donavin Velez

Journey into Silence: We are thrilled to introduce a special Q&A session with Donavin Velez, who will share insights from his remarkable two-year vow of silence and meditation. This intimate session will allow attendees to submit questions in writing, which Donavin will answer, shedding light on the profound impacts of silence and not talking for 2 years.

Deep Connection: Foster genuine connections free from the distractions of digital devices and conventional conversation.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: Engage in activities that promote relaxation, creativity, and self-reflection within a tranquil environment.

Unique Experience: Offer an unparalleled event that stands out, attracting those seeking a meaningful and enriching experience.

Community and Gratitude: Build a sense of community and foster a culture of gratitude among guests.
Inspirational Insights: Gain unique perspectives from Donavin Velez's personal journey, enhancing the event's focus on the transformative power of silence.

HUSH at Flowmagin transcends the typical event, inviting attendees on a journey where silence becomes a pathway to deeper understanding, connection, and self-discovery. In addition to the array of silent activities, the opportunity to learn from Donavin Velez’s personal exploration of silence and meditation promises to deepen the impact and enrich the experience of all participants. Join us in creating a night of serenity, reflection, and profound connection.


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HUSH: A Silent Experience

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