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Flow is the largest independent yoga brand in Austin, headed up by a power house of two immigrant women and we are incredibly proud to be one of the highest rated studios in Texas!

We offer 700+ yoga, meditation and wellness classes a month including free community events like yoga at the capital which saw over 500 students this past summer, yoga in the park, and wellness classes for teachers and kids at local school districts.

Our studios are of the very few yoga studios that offer BOTH heated and non-heated classes as well infrared classes. 

Awards and Recognition


  • Carolina Bolinger Flow Yoga Austin Carolina Bolinger - Owner

    Has 18 years of teaching yoga, meditation and wellness in over two dozen countries. Previously Carolina was a marketing executive for Microsoft and Wellness Director for Royal Caribbean. At Flow, Carolina is known as the crazy Brazilian with the funny accent that everyone loves, with a unique and creative approach to her classes. She’s the face of the community that puts in the time with anyone that walks in the door.

  • Fennis Ho - Owner

    Previously she was the Finance Director for The Global Fund for Women, a leading foundation for women’s human rights. Fennis immigrated to the US from Taiwan as a child. She holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration and a Masters in Women’s Studies. At Flow, Fennis brings her Taiwanese heritage and Chinese medicine knowledge into her classes. She’s the heart and the gentle calming voice in the community.

Latest News

  • May 22, 2020 Post-COVID Reopening

    We are slowly starting the process of reopening the studios to students

  • Mar 30, 2020 Videos on-demand now available for members

    Has COVID given you a crazy at home schedule? No problem. Flow members now have access to watch our classes on-demand whatever time works best for you.

  • Mar 16, 2020 75+ classes a week live streaming in HD

    With businesses closing due to COVID-19 we’ve decided to start moving our classes to live streaming rather than close completely. We have made significant time and financial investment to make our live streaming the best you can find with video in 1080p and HD audio. Even during a global crisis we’ve got you covered with the most class options in Austin.

  • Dec 17, 2019 We’re expanding in Cedar Park with a brand new studio

    Construction has started on a brand new Flow studio in Cedar Park. The new studio doubles the size of our current CP space with 4 rooms on 4,000 sqft plus a 2,000 sqft outdoor patio. The new location will open spring/summer 2020.

  • Oct 20, 2019 700+ classes added to the schedule

    With our two new locations ramping up, we are happy to announce that our class schedule is completely live with over 700 classes a month giving Flow the largest variety of classes and times in the Austin area.

  • Sep 14, 2019 Flow takes over Yoga Yoga locations

    We have spent the last several months working very closely with Yoga Yoga teachers, staff and leadership to reopen Yoga Yoga as Flow yoga and honor Yoga Yoga student memberships. You can read more about the transition here



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A little glimpse into
who we are

Child’s Pose — Balasana 👶🏽
centers on creating a moment of #rest. It is a foundational yoga posture that reminds us that inaction and “non-doing” can be just as valuable as action and doing.

5 Benefits of #ChildsPose:
💌Stretching: gently stretches your spine, thighs, hips, and ankles 🤸🏽‍♀️
💌Relaxation: calms your mind 🧠 and reduces anxiety
💌Blood circulation: increases blood circulation to your head
💌Digestion: the light compression on your stomach in this pose can activate digestion ✨
💌Tension relief: releases tension in your lower back muscles, chest, hamstrings, and shoulders
Viparita Virabhadrasana -- Reverse Warrior ⚡️

A sealed back heel, firm foundation between both legs, stretch in the side body and, if you want, a gaze up to the sky 🌤️💙

What’s your favorite #yogapose?
Props are for pros! 🧱

A key way to elevate your #yogapractice is using a #block, #bolster, #blanket or #yogastrap to further stretch the muscle, fold the joint and complete your practice 🧘‍♂️
30 DAYS FOR $30 - deal going on right now 🎁 give yourself, your family or your friends the gift of #yoga 🧘‍♂️

This is redeemable at all locations — Cedar Park, Anderson Ln, Westgate, online - with recorded and live streamed classes🎄♥️ It is never too late to start your practice or, to start over! #YogaForYALL
Have you been to a #gongbath?

They are highly rejuvenating for the body, bringing an overall sense of relaxation that can:

✨ reduce stress
✨ develop better coping mechanisms
✨ help break emotional blockage
✨ stimulate altered states of consciousness

& it’s elevated when it’s Winnie playing the #gong 🥰 

Come see her, @gurudhanyoga, Sirgun Khaur, & Bir Singh this Sunday (12/19) -- 6-7:30pm @ Flow Anderson 🖤 Together they will be hosting a symphony of multiple gongs and singing bowls during the last Full Moon 🌕 of the year. You can't miss it!
Make time to #relax, recharge and renew as we experience the spiritual energy that the full moon 🌕 and Winter Solstice brings us.

Saturday (12/18), 6-8pm @ Flow Westgate -- join Guru Karam and Mehtab for an evening of sacred sound, meditation, and deep relaxation.

Spots reserve quick, so tap the link in our bio reserve yours!
#cacao: a heart-opening superfood - calming your sympathetic system, and making room for growth, healing and love 🤎

Sunday (12/19), 2-4pm @ Flow Westgate -- join Ashley, sipping the natural medicine and engaging in a soft flow and #gong sound bath 🎶

Spots reserve quick, so tap the link in our bio reserve yours!

📸: @darlinmarketing 🧚🏼✨