Zainab Z.

Zainab Zakari has been teaching flow yoga for nearly 15 years and has crafted and led workshops, immersions, teacher training and international retreats. Her teaching passions include peeling back the layers from the outermost physical to the innermost soulful to reconnect to the heart’s voice within. Zainab’s flow classes offer multi-layers—from the physical and the mental to the creative and the sacred. She aims to meet students wherever they are on their journey, and she is not above-using humor, movie references, dance, poetry, sports, geometry, physics or practical magic to do it. Anchored by insights from her teachers, Zainab encourages students to build their awareness for alignment in living flow, a curiosity when approaching new experiences, and a kind, patient witness to whatever unfolds on and off the mat. Students will be invited and *sweetly* challenged to breathe, to move, to listen and to trust their inner guide. They will be invited to (re)connect to their Soul.
Zainab first formally studied Hatha Yoga with Lisa Bennett and Charles Matkin in New York City. She acquired her advanced certification in Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga, founded by Shiva Rea. Additionally, she weaves in artful, playful sequencing as she learned from Lotus Flow Vinyasa teachers Kate Duyn and Jasmine Tarkeshi. Her continuing education includes studies with Michelle C. Johnson and others who focus on social justice as it intersects with our collective wellness to intentionally cultivate inclusive and welcoming spaces. As a student of life and a biracial woman, Zainab is committed to cultivating brave spaces where truth and mutual respect lead to long-lasting, uplifting change for all beings.
  • E-RYT 500
  • Vinyasa Flow (advanced/intermediate)
  • Topics range from Elemental and Subtle Body
  • Chakras
  • Social Justice & Yoga
  • Class Sequencing

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