Apr 5th, 7:30-10PM

Open Mic Night

Join us every Fri night for community, creativity, music, and positive vibes. All creative outlets are welcomed and encouraged. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with fellow artists and enthusiasts!

This is a donation-based event, all are welcome.

Meet your host

Born and raised in New York city. Leah made a pivotal move to Austin in 2018, drawn by the city's vibrant music scene and its reputation as a melting pot of musical talent. For Leah, music isn't just about entertaining—it's about healing, connecting, and embracing the beauty of human experience.

From the intimate settings of songwriter showcases to the immersive experiences of Sofar Sounds, Leah continues to share her music.

For Leah, open mic nights are more than just performances—they are a convergence of creative souls, a sanctuary where artistic expression knows no bounds. It's a space where vulnerability meets courage, where artists share their raw emotions and stories, inspiring one another along the way.

Open Mic Night

Friday 7:30-10PM

Apr 05, 2024

at 3rd Eye

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Open Mic Night
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