Soul Full Sessions: Workshop & Performance

This is a performance and creative writing workshop
The goal of these session is to hone our crafts. Be it creative writing, poetry, music lyrics, we want to help each other unlock any writing blocks while being surrounded by other creatives!
There will also be performance workshops within the same evening for any spoken word performers (poets, actors) to hone memorization, performance nuance, delivery, acting monologue and scene work, and audience engagement. At every workshop we will also have time dedicated to performing/sharing anything we’ve worked on with the group, as having a featured artist performance.

8:00pm-arrivals, intros, and connection games/convos 
8:15pm- writing prompts
8:30pm- popcorn open mic and feedback
8:45pm- writing prompts
9:00pm- popcorn open mic and feedback
9:15pm- group jam/freestyle/cypher session
9:30pm- meditation
9:40pm- closing circle and connection time

Meet your host

Singer-songwriter, poet and freestyle artist E’Naj is an eclectic creative whose musical passions come from her New Orleans roots and Houston Culture. She’s released various projects and has toured cities and states in pursuit of her career as a solo-artist.
Making music, challenging her writting and freestyle skills have given her the ability to now share her expertise with others. E’Naj loves cultivating events to bring artist closer together and has started paving the way to bring her unique influence of gifts to Austin to grow a sense of warmth, community and freedom.
She is committed to forever being a learner and teacher of life through musical and spiritual mediums.

Soul Full Sessions: Workshop & Performance

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