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With locations all over town and memberships that get you unlimited yoga at all Flow locations, we've got you covered.

Cedar Park
Anderson Lane Austin
Westgate South Austin

Got Questions?

Send an email to membership@flowyogatx.com with your travel dates. We will respond and update your charge to be a pro-rated amount for the time you are out. Remember, we allow for a freeze up to 4 weeks per calendar year.

Send an email to info@flowyogatx.com with your intent to suspend your account. We will place our monthly memberships on hold in 30 day increments, for up to three months per calendar year. To keep our Annual Memberships at an affordable cost, these members may not place their account on hold at any time.

We offer prenatal classes once per week, check out our schedule here. Other appropriate classes for you might be Gentle, Slow Flow, Yin, and Deep Chill.

We heat our room to 90 degrees.

We recommend that you begin in our Gentle or Slow Flow classes so that you can become familiar with the practice in a more approachable environment. We also offer six week series for beginners a few times a year.

We offer a kids yoga program a few times each year in a six week format. At this time, we do not offer childcare during our adult classes.