Yoga & Astrology Training - Feb 03, 2024 - Flow Yoga

Feb 4th, 2-6PM

Yoga & Astrology Training

Join Vedic Astrologer and yoga teacher trainer, Tej, for a weekend immersion to learn how to integrate major astrological cycles into your yoga practice, teachings, and life.

This course will focus on:
Moon Phases

Ancients have known that there is an opportune time for all activities and this immersion will give you the keys to unlock your efficacy.

During this empowering weekend, you will learn how to:
Keep track of major astrological cycles
Practice & teach yoga according to the cycles
Evolve your life by timing actions & yoga practices purposefully
Support others through offering timely yoga practices


Upon conclusion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
This course is an approved 12-hour CEU course through Yoga Alliance (YACEP)


Do I need to know about astrology?
Nope! This course is open to all levels of astrological knowledge.

Will there be yoga practices?
Yes! Depending on who’s in the room, Tej will incorporate both Hatha & Kundalini practices each day.

What do I need to bring?
Yoga mat, comfortable clothes, water bottle, journal, pen, and an open mind!

Do I need to be a yoga teacher? Who is this training for?
Nope! While there will be information given that is suited to yoga teachers, this course is open and suitable for practitioners of yoga who want to deepen their practice, and evolve their teachings and practice by honoring the astrological cycles of time.

Meet your host

Tej Arvind has a dynamic background of both Kundalini and Hatha yoga. She uses Vedic Astrology to design classes for the energetics of the day and enjoys incorporating yogic techniques such as mudras, mantras, breath work, and meditation. Plus, students will enjoy listening to the healing sounds of the gong at the end of each class.


  • Level 1 & 2 Kundalini
  • 500-Hour Hatha
  • Gong Yoga Trainer
  • Astrology Yoga Trainer
  • iRest Yoga Nidra - Level 1 AND Yoga Therapy - Level 1 AND Chakra Yoga Teacher


  • Kundalini
  • Hatha
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Gong
  • Astrology
  • Mantra
  • Meditation
  • Chakras

Yoga & Astrology Training

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Yoga & Astrology Training
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