Mar 17th, 6-8PM

Women's Circle

Led by: Michaela Grace
The purpose of this group is to provide a sacred and safe space for those who identify as Women to come together to share in healing for embodiment and integration. There is so much untapped power in the feminine that is ready to rise. As we come together in healing, we are able to bring the divine feminine into the physical realm, letting her expand and rise, making waves of healing for the world at large.

Through various healing modalities, activities, discussions, and teachings, you will gain insight and tools to self-heal. Come be heard, felt, and seen as you find yourself among like-minded goddess sisters in a space of discovery, play, connection, integration, and healing to feel and cultivate energy authentically.

If you are tired of feeling stuck, alone, or lost, come find us. It is time for you to take your power back and have support to do so. Everything you want is waiting on the other side of everything holding you back.

Meet your host

Michaela Whalen is a certified Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Sound Healer, Mindfulness Teacher, and Women's Circle Facilitator.

Michaela uses a variety of tools and modalities such as meditation, sound healing, energetic healing, breath work, art, writing, and movement (etc) to support individuals to honor all aspects of the self and move through blockages so that they can integrate and reach goals aligned with their purpose.

Michaela’s passion is to foster the strengthening of the connection with self and empower individuals to access their own innate ability to self-heal. 

Michaela also works for Flow Yoga coordinating events and operating as studio support for all of Flow's studios. In this role she is able to carry out her passion for connection and community!

Women's Circle

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Women's Circle
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