Puerto Rico Retreat

Self Exploration through Kundalini Yoga & Journaling, Planetary Astrology reading-2024 and Beyond, Relaxation by the Beach

Join Gurudhan for a relaxing 7 day, 6 night retreat located on the white sand shores of the Caribbean Sea one hour from San Juan airport in Puerto Rico. The full-service Copamarina Resort stretches out facing the Caribbean sea across 20 acres of lush tropical gardens offering guests a secluded welcome with high-quality services and amenities. This transformative experience invites you to embark on a journey of self-exploration, rejuvenation, and inner growth so you can return home with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and connection to your authentic self.

During this Retreat we will meditate together, do yoga together, eat together, experience the sounds of the Gong together, have inter-active group check ins, as well as make new friends. 

And…yes, there will be enough time to just be by yourself to relax, recharge and integrate our group experiences.

Meet your host

Gurudhan has been practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga since 1971.

Emphasis is placed on explaining the physiological effects of Kundalini energy based on ancient Chinese traditional energy meridian lines and points as well as how breath technology effects our nerves and glands.

Gurudhan has taught Kundalini yoga in these cities:

New York City 1971 - 1997

Los Angeles 1998 - 2012

Austin 2013 - Present

His Kundalini classes will provide a strong physical workout, an opportunity to “deep relax” afterward, and a meditation at the end of class to elevate the soul.


  • RYT-500 Kundalini


  • Kundalini

Puerto Rico Retreat

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