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Who doesnt love a good party! Throughout the year we host Yoga events around Cedar Park Yoga and Austin Yoga from themed Yoga classes like Harry Potter Yoga and Star Wars Yoga, to wellness workshops, Yoga retreats and even free CPR classes.

Upcoming  Austin Yoga Event
Bend and Brew
January 20

Yoga and craft beer anyone? Flow Yoga and Red Horn Coffee & Brewery are teaming up to bring you the best of both on the third Saturday of every month. We’ll be hosting a morning yoga class at the brewery on 1431 then we can wrap up class with some drinks. Price includes the class […]

Upcoming  Austin Yoga Event
Meditation Basics
January 11

In this 6 week class, Carolina guides us on an inner journey of our breathing to help us experience a more subtle, refined, and spacious quality of ourselves in preparation for meditation. These practices build a foundation for a consistent meditation practice and are designed to enhance our relationship with the inner landscape, bringing us […]

Intro to Yoga at Flow Yoga
Upcoming  Austin Yoga Event
Intro To Yoga: 6 Week Series
January 9

Nathan explores the fundamentals with these beginner practices designed to help you feel brighter and more clear. In this 6 week class we will look at ways to find a comfortable seat, basic sun salutations, beginner backbends, breath awareness, meditation, and various breakdowns of common postures. Entire series: $48 Members | $95 Non-Members Per class: […]

Upcoming  Austin Yoga Event
108 Sun Salutations
January 1

108 Sun Salutations is a guided meditative asana practice. This powerful, detoxifying, energizing and invigorating experience consists of 3 sets of 36 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A). The series will challenge your mind to stay focused on the mat as your body continuously flows. It’s a way to elevate your yoga practice and boost your […]