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A yoga class that will put special emphasis on the details of each posture and how they should feel, ensuring a full understanding for those who are newly on their Yoga journey.

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Beginner yoga at Westgate in  Austin
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Have you always been curious? Need a release from some anxiety? Your roommate dragged you here? Whatever the reason is that you’re checking out yoga for the first time - we are so glad you decided to start!

From influencers to Kundalinis, yoga can be intimidating. We know. But, don’t be nervous! Yoga is for everyone, and each yogi started exactly where you are now. Everyone’s journey with yoga is unique, and we’re honored to help show you the way.

So, shall we?

Firstly, I want to mention that you are a “beginner” simply because you’re in the beginning stages of your yoga practice. The most experienced yogis can be inflexible, fall out of poses, hit child’s pose every other breathe, get stuck in their minds… What makes a yogi “experienced” is the sheer, continued practice and their consistency to simply show up.

Each class varies, depending on your instructor, but in a standard yoga class, you can expect:

  • Opening with gentle words - a chance to separate yourself from the outside world, all of it’s responsibilities, and set an intention for your practice
  • Transitioning into a slow, guided warm-up to awaken your body and mind, easing into your practice
  • Next, you’ll be guided through sun salutations - a standard sequence that builds a little more fire
  • Then, your instructor will guide you through a sequence of poses, reflecting the parts of the body and mind you warmed up a the beginning of class
  • Lastly, the cool down. The final pose you take will be savasana, or “resting corpse”. Laying on your back, it is an opportunity to embrace the work you put into your practice, thank your body for showing up and hey, if you want to do some savasana-daydreaming, be our guest.

Some key notes to remember in your yoga practice:

Please don’t be intimidated by fancy poses or the sanscript language - your instructor will guide you through every detail of each pose and ensure you’re on the right track.

Listen to your body! There is no way a pose “should look”, so don’t overexert yourself, especially if you are working with an injury, recovery or any soreness in general.

Props are for pros! You are welcome to use blocks, bolsters, blankets… whatever you need in class. Your practice is your own.

Child’s pose is one of the most sacred, beloved poses, and it is welcome to you at any point in your practice.

To experience the benefits of yoga, we encourage you to get into a rhythm - maybe 2-3 times a week - and build upon your practice.

Bring your mat, some water, maybe a friend, and have fun!

Whether you’re starting out for physical gain, mental release or simply wanting to try something new, we can’t wait to have you in class.

30 day trial for $30

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Theres a reason thousands of students have called Flow their second home for over a decade. Come experience yoga that makes you feel at home.

Best Rated In Texas

Theres a reason thousands of students have called Flow their second home for over a decade. Come experience yoga that makes you feel at home.

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