One of the oldest studios in the United States, she's nurtured thousands of students from all over the world

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In-person classes are limited but still available as we ramp back up from COVID. All classes are also recorded for you to watch at any time. Our in-person COVID policy is here.

2167 Anderson Lane, Austin


Flow Yoga Anderson in north central Austin is one of the oldest studios in Texas. It boasts over 6,000 square feet of yoga bliss and traditional yoga classes like classes like ashtanga, hatha and kundalini.

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Anderson Events

26 Jun
At Flow Yoga Anderson
Group Reading - Austin Yoga Event

This heart centered gathering is a place for people to connect with their spirit guides, helpers, loved ones who have crossed over, and with themselves. Nicole Parish is an intuitive reader and psychic medium who has communicated with the spirit world for over four decades. During this reading, Nicole will lovingly pass on messages to share with the entire group and with some individuals. Often, Nicole is guided by spirit to lead the gathering through some meditative process. This can be anything from centering, cleansing our auras or energy fields, cutting attachments to others, strengthening the boundaries and protection we have around us, or whatever our guides recommend. It is exciting to see what unfolds! Nicole began seeing and speaking with spirits when she was 8 yrs old. So began her journey of connecting with spirits, passing along messages of love, and helping others connect with their team of light. Nicole’s passion is being a vehicle of love and healing. She fosters people in building relationships with their spirit team and loved ones, helps people heal non-coherent patterns, and assists in unlocking their inner wisdom. Nicole DELIGHTS in seeing who shows up and is always curious what will come through. Please note, due to the number of people who will be attending only some people will receive individual readings. However, every person will be part of the group meditations and often benefits from hearing other people’s messages. What To Bring: *There are yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters available. If you desire something else that will help you sit more comfortably, please bring it. *Open minds and warm hearts are welcome and wanted! For most people this opportunity will be a new and unique experience. As a group, let us take some centering breaths, open up to the spirit realm, and jump into this fun and expansive gathering!